wELCOME TO GCP TRAINING LIVE - the place for access to live good clinical practice education led by real instructors!

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Unlike other industry education providers who offer an entire catalog
of training programs for just about
every topic under the sun, we offer
one core program of the one thing
that we do best – good clinical
practice training – that’s all, nothing



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At GCP Training Live, we’re dedicated to one thing: offering the healthcare industry access to current, instructor-led good clinical practice (GCP) education that is different and that works!

Think about how GCP training is typically accomplished today, if at all. You are told that you need to “complete and document your GCP training”. To do so, you might log in to a computer system and rapidly click through some recorded online training module only to face the challenge of a combination of four or five true-false/multiple choice questions before being deemed a “trained professional”. Or perhaps you dial into a teleconference and attend some web-based meeting while you check email or instant message other colleagues about how boring it is. Then, you complete a training record of some kind or click a button acknowledging your understanding of the material, and you are subsequently declared an oracle of good clinical practice. Sound familiar?

We are constantly reviewing our program material to make sure that we are providing you information based on the most up-to-date industry regulations and guidance. If you have ever been tasked with creating or updating a similar program, you know how tedious an effort this can be. In this case, we do the work for you. So, if you appreciate the importance of GCP training (preferably PRIOR TO becoming aware of an audit or regulatory inspection!) and thrive in a live, classroom environment with actual veteran industry instructors leading the program, then look no further. Live, in-person GCP training – now, that’s fresh!
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