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While our touring GCP educational programs are a great option for the individual or small teams interested in completing the course, a more viable option for larger-sized groups is our onsite training program. If you have a need to train multiple staff members, your entire team, an entire facility, or multiple institutions, this is absolutely the best approach in terms of time, course effectiveness, and feasibility. It’s the perfect opportunity to not only engage teams in GCP education, but also consult and gain consensus around different approaches being taken by clinical research staff and determine best practices in the interest of standardizing operational procedures.

case in point: While delivering a customized GCP training program to members of the regional monitoring program at a well-known pharmaceutical company, it was discovered during a discussion about their pre-study site visit (PSSV) SOP that monitors were interpreting one aspect of the SOP differently, resulting in different outcomes depending on the project to which they had been assigned. The discussion led to the generation of an action item and follow up with the company’s Quality Assurance team, resulting in the generation of a procedural clarification upon revision of the SOP in question, thereby standardizing the process for the monitoring team going forward.

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