let's face it....
There’s only so much PowerPoint we can take as human beings. Want to energize your upcoming meeting or event and take it to the next level? Then our quiz-show-like competitions are just the thing. Small groups or large, we have something for every occasion at affordable pricing. Introduce the spirit of friendly competition into your next event, have fun learning along the way, and sit back and enjoy the applause and positive feedback once we wrap.
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who wants to be a GCP expert?
Expand your group's knowledge of GCP without effort in a fun competition based on the popular quiz game show. Questions can be tailored to your specific needs or we'll pull from our storehouse of GCP questions addressing a wide range of responsibilities.

this... is... gcp jeopardy!
Don't jeopardize your research operation - educate your team today with a fast-paced and friendly competition based on the classic Jeopardy! game show. They'll love competing to win with categories such as ICH, FDA, IRB, PI Musts, Informed Consent, and Industry Potpourri.